Legalizing pot

Shap is sheepish about legalization. Two years ago at Town Meeting about this and he said (paraphrasing): “We’ll set up a panel to study decriminalization for a year, and look at their findings in the session after that.”

Well, Shap, you are now two years behind the curve.  Two states have legalized it, several other have demcrimmed.  Please, Shap, come join us in the 21st Century and legalize MJ this term!

Vermont’s number 2 cash crop – or is it #1 now? – is MJ, and the state is getting none of that action.  And the state is LOSING money by persecuting MJ users & growers.

Colorado made $1M on it’s first day of legal pot!  Why, oh why, doesn’t Shap want in on that action?

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