New Hampshire Democrat channels George Costanza

Okay, not the weightiest matter we have to talk about this, but I hope you didn't miss this story.

According to the Nashua Telegraph,   

A Florida man called police last week after watching a state representative from Nashua plow his BMW into a crowd of ducks outside the Crowne Plaza Hotel, reportedly killing one or more of the birds, then exiting the scene before police arrived.

 Longtime state Rep. David Campbell, a Democrat, was behind the wheel of the BMW that struck several ducks outside the Crowne Plaza’s main entrance late Monday evening.

 And get this–it was their fault!

 When a witness took a picture of Campbell's legislative license plate, his excuse was “The ducks should have moved.”

Or, as George Costanza taught us many years ago:

Don't we have a deal with the pigeons? 

George Costanza versus the pigeons by joeyguse 

2 thoughts on “New Hampshire Democrat channels George Costanza

  1. What a clueless cluck!

    This guy shouldn’t be making decisions of any kind.

    Can you imagine the field day his opposition will have the next time he’s up for reelection?

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