This guy is a disgrace

This guy is the opposite of what we've been working for here: more and better Democrats.


Yeah, believe it or not, Hawaii State Representative Tom Brower is a Democrat, and his new hobby (he says he's done for now) is smashing the meager possessions of homeless people.

Lest you think he's a Johnny come lately to the issue, his legislative web page lists homelessness as his only legislative priority. His only mentioned homelessness initiative before this: a proposal to establish “safe zones”, where the authorities could drive (or should I say herd?) the homeless to keep them away from more attractive locations where the pretty people might see them.

As he said to the Hawaii Reporter:

 How can government continue using the same failed strategies to address homelessness? How is this different from the definition of ‘insanity’ (keep doing the same thing with the expectation of different results)?

As a legislator I understand first-hand that chronic homelessness does not offer easy solutions. The best place to start is often the simplest. . . . Being homeless should mean fewer options on where you can stay, not more.

 You might guess from his statement about “the same failed strategies” that he has a record of supporting effective means for addressing homelessness, like providing housing, employment assistance, or mental health services for homeless people, but you will look in vain for any such suggestion.

 If you feel like giving this guy a call, here's his phone number: 808-586-8520. If I can find his home phone number I'll post that, too.

Try this: (808)941-4681. 

8 thoughts on “This guy is a disgrace

  1. and it’s low on my list of places to go, even if I had the money.

    There are people living outdoors all over the country, but it is much easier to live outside year round in places like California, Florida, and Hawaii.    For states in less amenable climes, these places become the steam valve, if the homeless can scrape up the cash to get to a warmer place, they often do.  But with Hawaii, the homeless are often trapped – tickets back to the mainland are expensive, and what do you do when you get back?

    I know for me the juxtaposition of the shops of La Jolla, California and the homeless was jarring, and it sounds like Waikiki is similar – hotels with $1000/night rooms with homeless people and their shopping carts panhandling on the sidewalks.  And, let’s face it, Jack – tourist dollars are muy importante in Hawaii – and folks like you and me are not heading to Waikiki on regular basis.  

    Having travelled in the Caribbean and Mexico, it is difficult many places to avoid the panhandling and begging – it is a third-world phenomenon now rampant in many places in the USA.  I have to agree, though, that this is a strange attempt a a solution.

  2. It seems that HOMELESS People have become the New Target group in the USA.  Used to be Gays.  But targeting the Homeless is really about as low as we can get.  We have an economic dynamic that creates more Homeless folks.  Instead of fixing the dynamic, the bastards in government who enable the dynamic now want to ‘hide’ the ‘side effects’ of that dynamic.  There should be LABELS for XMAS Shopping:  “WARNING–Using This Dynamic May Result In You Becoming Homeless.”

    I wonder when the ‘Christians’ will jump on the Homeless?  Or have they already?  Homelessness Leads To Gayness?  Or, Gayness Leads To Homelessness?  My God–Homeless People Are Getting Pregnant!  

    Think of this:  Giving money to Homeless people and Panhandlers, instead of SPENDING that money at WalMart is why, by God, there is no Economic Recovery.

    As Harry Dean Stanton (in REPO MAN) would have put it:  “There must be some way of finding out how much money these Homeless Panhandlers are getting from people, and making them pay taxes on it!  And fees.”

    Soon, the Homeless will have to buy a ‘license’ to be on the streets.

  3. went around yanking carts from the homeless, and then destroying them especially by smashing with a hammer — we would be arrested for ‘public nuisance’ & possibly hate crime at the very least, or destruction of private property since they are owned by & the property of the local stores. Plus, the carts are now junk & must be removed & disposed of, another misdemeanor of some sort. So we would be in jail or under observation for mental illness, I cannot believe he is actually getting away with this.  

  4. We were genuinely shocked by the extremity of the social divide.  One evening we attended an event at the home of a wealthy Pharsee family, who lived in a marble-lined penthouse atop a modern apartment building.  

    To get into the courtyard, we had to literally step over people sleeping on the stoop.  When I asked a European couple who were living with their small children in Mumbai (then, Bombay) how it was possible to live with such extreme social injustice, they said, “Oh you get used to it; and then you don’t even notice.”


    Apparently Mr. Brower isn’t prepared to “get used to it.”  He prefers an institutionalized out-of-sight, out-of-mind policy to shield him from even a chance encounter with the destitute.

    When exactly did India begin to look like a better place to be poor than in America?

  5. Those carts don’t belong to the homeless people he seems to hate so much. Now that his actions have been documented on film, he can be sued by the stores for destruction of their property.  

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