Shumlin trashes Chris Christie for… agreeing with him?

Ah, the Mitchell Family Organ brings me a nice, raw piece of political hypocrisy today.

Seems that Our Governor, Peter Shumlin, was speaking with a New Jersey newspaper in his capacity as chair of the Democratic Governors Association. And he unleashed this… very interesting… line of attack against New Jersey’s Republican Governor, Chris Christie.

“The middle class is getting kicked in the teeth in New Jersey,” Shumlin said. “(Christie) vetoes income tax increases for the millionaires and billionaires and tells the middle class they have to pay more.”

Hope you weren’t drinking coffee just then, ’cause if you were, it’s probably coming out your nose right now. Because as we all know,

Shumlin has rejected calls for tax increases on millionaires and billionaires in Vermont, saying they’ll just pack up and leave for friendlier pastures.

The reporter, who doesn’t get a byline but is presumably Pete Hirschfeld, the sole staffer at the Vermont Press Bureau, helpfully adds the fact that New Jersey’s top income-tax rate is two one-hundredths of a percent higher than Vermont’s. 8.97% in New Jersey, 8.95% in Vermont. But as we all know, it’s that last two one-hundredths of a percent that makes rich folks head for the hills.

See, Governor, there’s a problem with saying one thing at home and saying the opposite to an out-of-town reporter. It’s called the Internet. We can read stuff here, even if it was published hundreds of miles away.

I can hardly wait for his next press conference, to see how he’s going to spin this.  

6 thoughts on “Shumlin trashes Chris Christie for… agreeing with him?

  1. Once again Shumlin demonstrates that he is very caapable of saying one thing and doing another.  A master politician is he!

  2. …or maybe Mr. Shumlin suffers from dissociative identity disorder, and it was his alter ego who spoke with the New Jersey newspaper.

  3. This statement shows he clearly knows what he’s doing is wrong, but he’s stinking up the state with his budgetary “pre-compost,” anyway.  

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