Jesus wept.

Well, it’s town meeting season again in Vermont. And with it comes a journalistic revisit to the prayer controversy in the town of Franklin that was finally resolved last year, when a judge ruled that the town couldn’t open its annual meeting with a prayer. It was a victory for local resident Marilyn Hackett, after years of protestations.  

The good people of Franklin, being solid Christian folk, have responded with all the love, charity, and forgiveness– ahh, who am I kidding? As the Mitchell Family Organ reports, they’re still angry.

End of story? Not for Hackett, who’s still taunted by critics in the mail and on the street.

“I’m a little afraid I’m going to go to town meeting and there’s going to be anger,” she says. “People are ruing the loss of a tradition.  …The majority of people still don’t get the constitution.”

The town’s annual report even notes that the court decision came “to the disappointment of the Select Board.” Nice of them not to hold a grudge. Real Christians, they are.

And Hackett fears that, in line with their views on what it means to be a good Christian, the Select Board might try to sneak the prayer in the back way:

She recalls a past suggestion simply to change the order of proceedings – from gavel/prayer to prayer/gavel – and has heard talk of a gathering beforehand at the meeting site, the Franklin Central School, for some sort of invocation.

Yup, vindictiveness, anger, and deception. Just like Jesus!  

2 thoughts on “Jesus wept.

  1. There’s going to be a raffle and rally showing support for the separation of church and state… Should draw a big crowd.

    Can’t wait to read about it on the front page.  

  2. is a hero as well as being absolutely right. Jesus himself told followers to go into a closet to pray. I do not think believers are to pray publicly period. So either these folks are not followers but mere religionists or they just aren’t listening. If they wish to pray, go to church or stay home.

    I suggest they read their bible, end this stubborn pissing contest, sincerely apologize to Ms. Hackett, stop grinding the ax & just bury it. Their halos would shine bightly at least for one day.

    These folks apparently have not learned that we can do is not always what we should do. Jesus & God need no defense. They can pray before the meeting & always could, but that’s not what this is about. It’s about the religionists attempting to force their way of life on others which is not Gods way, then being humbled under a mighty hand-Gods.

    Suck it up people!

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