Lisman 2.0: You can’t stop him, you can only hope to contain him

Watch out, Vermont — our favorite Wall Street skrillionaire Bruce Lisman is on the prowl!

The co-founder and sole funder of the putatively nonpartisan Campaign for Vermont is scheduled to appear on WDEV’s Mark Johnson Show Monday morning at 9. For those desiring a few pearls of Lisdom, WDEV broadcasts on 96.1 FM and 550 AM. The AM signal has quite a wide reach. WDEV offers a live stream of its weekday morning programs. Otherwise, Mark posts podcasts of selected shows — and I’m sure this will be one of them — at his own website.

Will Mark ask Lisman why the Democrats are so mad at him? WIll Bruce be forced to explain his inexplicable description of the 2008 crash as “this thing that happened”? Tune in and find out!

And on February 19, Lisman continues his Cookies and Condescension Tour with a stop in Middlebury. There will be a panel discussion including local businesspeople and representatives of nonprofit organizations — the latter, seemingly, an attempt to slap the Lipstick of Compassion on Lisman’s economic pig. Because although charitable concerns will have their say, Lisman says,

“My ultimate goal for these forums is to lead a discussion about advancing non-partisan policies that will help us build an economy where no one is left behind and everyone can prosper.”

Yep, it’s all about the money. And about “leading the discussion.” And convincing as many Vermonters as possible to drink the Lisman Kool-Aid with their complimentary cookie:

“This inclusive statewide dialogue is another step toward building a larger, more diverse and independent grassroots coalition to advance much-needed, non-partisan reforms to build an economy where poverty steadily declines, wages steadily rise, and everyone has the opportunity to prosper.”

We all know Lisman has very strong opinions on how to build an economy where everybody is happy: loosen the shackles binding the free market, lower taxes on “job creators,” and let the prosperity flow.

Sounds too good to be true.  

4 thoughts on “Lisman 2.0: You can’t stop him, you can only hope to contain him

  1. Listless-man & his plot for dominance go nowhere esp if & when he is linked to Broughton as just another carpetbagging conspirator attempting to revive the rightwing brand in VT which is currently on life support, under the guise of ‘a diverse coalition’.

    The Herald/Times Argus published at least two two editorials before & after the election about her attempt to ‘influence’ the election -one was titled “Moneybags”, and mentioned it & the influence or in this case, lack thereof, of PAC money other times also, so cat is out of bag & widely known since their coverage is large.

    The chicanery, which includes poster-childing VT non-profits-always a handy target used by those such as Entergy Louisiana to buy influence plus warm & fuzzy photo-ops, I’m sure will become quite sheer. Fancy footwork to avoid venues in which the tough questions can be asked will also catch up with him. His guilty-as-charged persona is equally lackluster & unimpressive.

    VTers are extremely sharp as well as very wise to deceit & this type of carpet-bagging despite the Danziger-influenced perjorative version of us. Independent-minded enough to re-elect Bernie & even during the conservative years were never the evangelical-tinged extremists we see today.


  2. it is.

    Classic Republican yarn about how “everyone can prosper” if we just trust his magic beans…

    Only, “everyone” is just looking to get by; nevermind “prosper.”

    In GOP fantasy math, the uber-rich get to keep it all and still everyone else is vaguely expected to “prosper.”  If they don’t, it’s their own damn, lazy fault; and they don’t deserve a safety net.

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