Pink guns? WTF?

UPDATE: I just came across an article from just about a year ago talking about this same gun manufacturer and quoting the Komen people as saying they had nothing to do with them.  Good news. I hope they can come up with a copy of a cease and desist letter, since they seem to enjoy handing them out pretty liberally to charities they don't like.


Just a quick note. After earlier reports to the contrary, posts later today have indicated that the Susan G. Komen Foundation had nothing to do with the pink gun with which a three-year-old boy, apparently thinking it was a toy, shot himself last week.


According to The Atlantic, a company called Discount Gun Sales had advertised a Komen tie-in for a pink gun they were selling. The Komen Foundation is maintaining that it never had anything to do with the gun promotion and never received any funds, as the ad had promised.


I hope this is true. After their problems last year with Planned Parenthood it would be unconscionable for them to be doing something like this. On the other hand, after their problems with Planned Parenthood it would also be inconceivable for the public to accept the Komen statements at face value. If they're smart, or at least smarter than they were a year ago, they will throw open their files and release everything they have that proves they had nothing to do with the pink gun promotion, and I hope they do exactly that.

22 thoughts on “Pink guns? WTF?

  1. goes against having to have those ‘scary’ looking assault weapons available for women to defend her home and her babies from 3-4-5 hardened criminals.

    But, Hello Kitty!

    See, they really are just fashion statements. Nothing to worry about.

    You can accessorize them with big magazines, scopes, pistol grips, bipods, and sling mounts. Its just like getting a case for that smartphone. Or a fancy strap for that hand bag. Or some designer shoes or glasses.

  2. Yes.  If you want to defend yourself, I recommend Ruger’s new Paisley 9mm AutoGranny–comes with ankle-length ‘Granny’ clip (100 rounds).  You won’t even have to use it.  Your attacker will laugh himself to death.  (Hey, guess you’ll still get busted for wrongful death)

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