Entergy Black-out XLVII

Entergy Black-out XLVII gets 107 million viewers and it was thirty minutes of must wait and see TV. The ratings are in for Super Bowl XLVII and it was the third most watched broadcast of all time. It averaged 109 million viewers, slightly less than the last two games. And what is now the fourth most watched broadcast of all time?  

Nielsen separated out viewer numbers for the blacked out portion of the game which they are calling “Super Bowl XLVII Delay” but let’s give credit where credit is due so call it “Entergy’s Super Bowl Delay” and found it averaged 107 million viewers. That’s slightly more viewers than saw the final episode of M*A*S*H and almost twice as many as saw the Grammy Awards last year.  

[Entergy’s] “Delay” has been trimmed to 30 minutes in Nielsen’s records: 8:41-9:11 p.m., a.k.a. not long after the end of Beyonce’s halftime show — and lasting twice as long as her performance, BTW.  

The 107 million people who sat through a whole lot of nothing and ad breaks is a bigger crowd than watched the Super Bowl in 2009 and all Super Bowls before that. […]

Turns out, broadcast-network execs for years have wrongheadedly been following their Super Bowl broadcasts with very special episodes of some prime-time show they want viewers to sample.

Damn I missed it all! Is “Delay” on You Tube, NetFlix, anyone?  

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