BREAKING…URGENT…Shumlin disses Vermont beer!!!

Ruh-roh. At his press conference today, Governor Shumlin betrayed his true allegiance in mildly-alcoholic libations.


It went down like this. Paul “The Huntsman” Heintz asked Shumlin if he’d ever played the break-open tickets that would be taxed under the Governor’s budget plan. Here’s the key exchange:

Heintz: Do you ever play the break-open tickets?

Shumlin: Oh yeah, anyone who drinks beer has played break-open tickets.

Heintz: I drink a lot of beer, and I haven’t played any.

Shumlin: Oh yeah? Well, you’re not drinkin’ in the right place.

Jeb Spaulding: You’re drinking those five-dollar beers.

Heintz: Where do you buy them?

Shumlin: Oh, you can get ’em at any club or bar in Vermont. I’m a Windham County boy, so I’ve played ’em in Windham County. Rockingham, the Elks, the Brattleboro Legion. I can take you there if you want, I’ll even buy you a beer. But you’re not gettin’ that Gucci beer. We’re drinkin’, you know, Budweiser.

There you have it, Vermont brewers. Your stuff is “Gucci beer,” and real Vermonters drink out-of-state pisswater.

Why do I suspect that sometime soon, Shumlin will make time for a photo-op at Heady Topper or Hill Farmstead or Lawson’s Finest? Hell, I’ll invite him for a five-dollar beer at the Three Penny, anytime. I’ll even buy the first round.

Stay tuned for more on the serious stuff from Shumlin’s presser.

7 thoughts on “BREAKING…URGENT…Shumlin disses Vermont beer!!!

  1. I’ve never seen Shumlin ask for a Bud, or scoff at $5 (or more) for a beer when he pops in to Three Penny or Positive Pie.  Perhaps the folks at the VT Brewer’s Association could educate him on the number of (good paying) jobs VT brewer’s create, or the amount of tax revenue generated by literally thousands of out of state visitor’s who come up throughout the year to bring home some Heady Topper or Lawson’s or Hill Farmstead.

    Local economy? local jobs? forget that (no, don’t forget it- outright denounce it as “Gucci beer”), there are far inferior products from St Louis to support!

  2. Anheuser-Busch was bought by a Belgian megacorp, so it’s not even American-owned any more. At least Vermont beers are brewed, duh, here in Vermont, hence American.

    If he wanted to go down that road, PBR would have been a better fallback for Pete (and it’s offered at 3P).  

  3. Kale? I ain’t eating no more kale. My cheap ole iceberg lettuce is what this country boy eats. Not that there Gucci green kale stuff that you city folk who moved up to the country eat.

    And Monster? Yeah. They make a good energy drink. Should shut down that silly little brewer who infringed on their name.

  4. I just sent a note to the Governor’s office as a Vermont Brewery owner of 15 years and Montpelier on my birth certificate.

    Disturbing comments by both top officials, all in support of a foreign corporation.  Shows a disconnect to the big economic picture.

    I hope they will take the time to reflect on their comments and all the various taxes generated by our Vermont breweries and our friends that pour, sell, and enjoy our beers.  

    We all make mistakes, but both officials ? To that extent ? really ?  Wow.


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