Shumlin sides with Obama on guns

Earlier today, I contacted Shumlin spokesflack Sue Allen to see if the Governor had issued a statement on President Obama’s gun control proposals.

You know, since the Governor had earlier refused to take any stands whatsoever on the issue until the President came out with a plan.

Well, I just got an answer. Here’s the Gov’s statement in its entirety:

“No one should have to go through the tragedy experienced by the families in Newtown last month.  I appreciate the thorough discussion about gun violence prevention by President Obama, Vice President Biden and others. Common sense dictates that we will only make progress in curbing senseless violence in our country with a 50-state solution.  I support the President’s recommendations, and urge Congress to work collaboratively to adopt comprehensive federal legislation.”

It takes him a while to get to the point, but as I read the final sentence, the Governor has issued a complete endorsement of the President’s plan — the executive orders and the proposed legislation.

That ought to put a dent into his NRA rating.  

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  1. While we appropriately address the issue of mass killings, we should also be mindful that thousands of Vermont families enjoy hunting, target shooting and other gun-related activities. Well over 99 percent of these people are law-abiding citizens who are extremely careful with their weapons. In the midst of this debate, we should be mindful that their rights must be protected

    – Senator Bernie Sanders, from his statement on President Obama’s proposal on guns (1/16/2013)… I don’t believe this statement is an indication that Senator Sanders intends to avoid “offending the NRA”, but rather it indicates that Senator is yet another Vermont political representatives who recognizes that these proposals and the politics of this issue go well beyond the typical “left v. right” paradigm. There’s no reason for any Vermont politician to stray too far from the “Democratic Party boilerplate” on this issue, for policy or politics.

    Senator Sanders and Governor Shumlin are taking the right approach to this issue. jvwalt and Sue tacitly provide examples as to why I believe that to be true with these two statements.

    That ought to put a dent into his NRA rating



    If both sides are unhappy…

  2. …or, what is it?–his 23 Executive orders on Gun Control are NOT REALLY GUN CONTOL proposals.  I read them, and could not find one proposal aimed at ‘regulating’  the Big Business of the GUN INDUSTRY.  It’s all more government BS about policing and harassing THE PEOPLE, and making them pay for all this information gathering.  But where are proposals on regulations on the manufacturers, importers & exporters, the dealerships, the interstate shipping?  It seems CORPORATE GUN BIG BUSINESS is, once again, protected in its Constitutional Rights to keep and bear and SELL ANY KIND of arms.  It’s the regulation of our unrestrained and unregulated Capitalist Wall Street Corporate Reich that is at issue here–THE SALE OF PRODUCTS, whether safe or unsafe, necessary or unecessary.  You wait–WalMart will jump on this and have a 4am ASSAULT WEAPONS SALE!!!

    So, us PEOPLE are gonna get screwed again, and the Gun Industry gets a pass.  Remind you of anything familiar?  And Bernie–YOU talk a lot about the Rich and The Corporations screwing us.  Well, we’re about to get screwed again.  SAVE US BERNIE!  Yeah, right………….

  3. I posted this on FB and Twitter:

    1047 bills were introduced in the VT House & Senate last session. 171 were passed.

    The percentage is even lower in the 112th Congress.  So there’s no need to act like somebody’s Satan because they proposed a solution to a societal issue, yaknow?  Particularly when VT and US Supreme Court precedent suggests there can be some regulation of the particular right in question…

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