Your move, Governor.

In every one of his ham-fisted efforts to evade the gun control issue, Governor Shumlin has consistently called for a 50-state solution. And when asked for his opinion on possible new laws or regulations, he has consistently said he would wait for Vice President Biden to finish his review, and for the President to announce concrete steps — saying that he had faith in the process and the Administraiotn.

Well, today the waiting is over. President Obama announced a series of 23 executive orders aimed at tightening federal regulation of weapons and enhancing gun safety and public awareness. He also plans to introduce legislation that calls for…

…a ban on assault weapons, limits on high-capacity magazines, expanded background checks for gun purchases and new gun trafficking laws to crack down on the spread of weapons across the country.

And now, the Governor will have to make a decision. Does he stand with the President (in whom he had such faith), or does he stand with the National Rifle Association?

Or does he finagle his way around it?


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