Inside Track celebrated off the record

Seven Days Off Message tells us a reception was held at the Statehouse last Wednesday to honor the late Peter Freyne. Political columnist Freyne was with Seven Days for 13 years and wrote the Inside Track column. One remembrance at the time of his death said “He held everyone, regardless of political party, accountable for their words and deeds.”  

…he drew plenty of earthly praise Wednesday afternoon at a Statehouse reception this paper held in his honor. As several speakers noted, Freyne would've been thrilled with the attention – including speeches by former AP Montpelier bureau chief Chris Graff, Sen. Patrick Leahy and Shumlin. We'd tell you what they said – including a choice gubernatorial pot joke – but, alas, it was off the record.

I’d bet it was good gubernatorial pot joke, too bad we’ll never know. I suppose someone in attendance at the event – sponsored by a newspaper and celebrating a reporter’s life – might even have noted the irony that this was all said off the record. At least we get an off-message hint.  

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