Congratulations, Philip!

Congratulations to Chittendn County Senator and fellow blogger Philip “Phil” Baruth

Paul Heintz at Seven Days is reporting that this morning Philip was elected Senate Majority Leader by his fellow Democrats.  

Hometown boy makes good, going from a simple novelist and UVM prof to a VPR commentator and blogger, a State Senator, and now this.

 We've supported Philip's political rise over the years, and I can say that I'm glad he'll be in this leadership position. 

14 thoughts on “Congratulations, Philip!

  1. Glad to see Phil (so weird to see that on the campaign signs last year) get the nod in his 2nd term.  Perhaps a real chance for the Senate to allow fresh ideas and priorities.  Good on ya, mate!

  2. … it’s a sign that John Campbell is serious about changing the way he leads the State Senate. He saw Baruth as a thorn in his side last year, when he was urging the freshman Senators to sit down and shut up. Now he’s willing to give Baruth a prominent role.

    I look forward to a better, more efficient, and more open State Senate this year.  

  3. Freep political reporter Terri Hallenbeck had it right, although JV scoffed rather pointedly a week or so ago. What better way to co-opt your critics than to give them jobs? Wouldn’t be surprised if Campbell (who, of course, would never admit to such a thing) sought Shummy’s counsel (Shummy having been Campbell’s predecessor as pres. pro tem).

    It’s the same technique the gov himself has used rather effectively to eliminate former rivals and any possibility they would raise public concerns about his own actions.

    So, kudos to Hallenbeck for making the call and getting the scoop.


    Politics is not the art of the possible. It consists in choosing between the disastrous and the unpalatable. ~ John Kenneth Galbraith

  4. Now he can get to work in shushing those damned Senate freshmen; Ashe, Galbraith, Benning, Pollina, Snelling, Cummings and the worst of the lot, Baruth!

    That’ll show ’em who’s boss!

  5. This sounds good for a more balanced political scene in the Senate.  Organization and follow through are two of your strong suits and why many of us voted for you!

  6. Absolutely, congratulations, Philip. Just watch out not to trip over or hang yourself with all the rope PPT Campbell will give you. If you can keep Campbell’s bullying tendencies and behaviors in check (not your job, but, could happen), you deserve a commission for training school teachers.

    Now, Mr. Senate Majority Leader, please go and update your blog (last updated on Nov. 2), thanking those who elected you (they deserve it), and announcing your new status to the masses.

    Oh, and although it apparently isn’t important enough for “the boys” to actually recognize, Sen. Claire Ayer was elected Assistant Majority Leader.


    The time is always right to do the right thing. ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

  7. And the spit-take analogy is right on — no one was more surprised than me, believe me.  But I do take it to be a sign that the Senate leadership structure has a lot more flexibility in it than I ever would have thought for most of the last two years.  Hopefully this will be a session everyone will be able to agree was time well spent.  And Nanuq, I will be updating soon, w/a hat tip to you . . .  

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