Taser Notes from All Over

How badly do the police need Tasers?

 Pretty badly. After all, if police in Nashua, New Hampshire hadn't had Tasers this woman might have gotten away with the crime of buying more iPhones than the Apple store policy allowed.

 In a story that's bound to be widely picked up, local TV news stations in New England were having a field day Wednesday with blurry cellphone video of a tiny 44-year-old Chinese woman being held to the ground and tasered outside an Apple Store by a pair of Nashua, N.H., police.

Yes, according to CNN, the woman, who apparently speaks no English, bought two iPhones on Friday and was sent away when she tried to buy more for relatives in China. When she ordered more online and returned to the store to pick them up they again refused her and told her to leave.

She got upset, they called the police, and the police decided to hit her with 50,000 volts.

What I found most striking in this story is that the police didn't even pretend that they needed to do it to protect the safety of the officers or bystanders.

 “The officer approached her, told her she wasn't welcome in the store, and she refused to leave,” Nashua police captain Bruce Hansen told WCVB TV. He described the use of electroshock weapons as standard procedure when a subject refuses to obey a lawful order or resists arrest.

Thanks for being there to serve and protect, guys!

5 thoughts on “Taser Notes from All Over

  1. …more attention needs to be paid to the corporate ‘murder’

    of that black woman at the Houston, Texas WalMart last Thursday.  I am appalled, having scanned Google for days, that this story has been brushed aside by the establishment media and the Lefty anti-establishment media (Gaza, Gaza, Israel, GAZA, says the Left).  Well we have GAZA here right at home at the Mall.  Walmart full time security people instructed this ‘hired gun’ (off duty deputy sheriff) to go after three black women shoplifters, resulting in the shooting death of 27 year-old mother of two, Shelly Frey.

    This is AN OUTRAGE!  Why is this story being BURIED?  If a legal precedent is set allowing for some kind of ‘justifiable action’ bullshit, or WalMart not held responsible at all, this will set the stage for Corporate ‘Persons’ to be able to kill to protect their products (and Capital).  WHY IS THERE SUCH SILENCE OUT THERE ABOUT THE MURDER OF THIS WOMAN?!

  2. standard response gets repeated.

    He described the use of electroshock weapons as standard procedure when a subject refuses to obey a lawful order or resists arrest.

    It’s as if they could kill someone with a taser and never see any consequences…  

  3. Unfortunately, this stuff is happening so routinely now that it fails to surprise.

    The underlying culture of Walmart (and Texas?) is certainly to blame both for the poverty that makes shop-lifting a persistent practice, and for the complete disregard for human life.  Walmart has a history of violence against suspected shop-lifters; and it routinely puts “loss prevention” in the hands of people who are completely untrained and/or dangerous.

    Sadly, that same culture seems to underly the cavalier advance of tasers into what should be completely non-violent law enforcement situations.  

    We need to look at some of the international prohibitions regarding torture and see how law enforcement’s new addiction to tasers fits into that scenario.

  4. Tasers are cruel & unusual punishment period, and used solely to cause fear of law enforcement amongst the general public & torture those who ‘fail to comply’.

    Anyone who can be trained to attack the public using such methods, in the name of ‘protecting’ the public is clearly sick as evidenced by the voltage used. Law enforcement is fast becoming eerily reminiscent of the jack-booted skinheads employed by Nazi Germany. What’s next?

    Just a cursory glance at the ways they have been used will clearly show the vast majority of victims were never a threat to begin with & could have been dealt with or subdued in other ways, proof that these sadistic sociopaths primary motive is to torture those who simply resist or in many cases do not even resist.

    The killing & murder of Macaddam Mason is an eye opener & large window into the workings of law enforcement including the routine excuses & resultant coverups for their frequent criminal behavior for anyone who needs one. In this case there are witnesses, so they can’t lie their way out of this one though they have already tried.

  5. All if not most ‘investigations’ are performed by the very ones who are perpetrating these actions & whitewashed by ‘police commisions’ & the likes of our very own AG.

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