It’s like running a 100-meter dash and stopping at 99

Ah, I see a formulaic little news item typical for this time of year:

As the holidays approach, Vermont State Police are stepping up enforcement.

Very good. Details?

Troopers, along with local and county law enforcement agencies, will be conducting DUI checkpoints and increasing patrols in Windham County from Dec. 16 to Dec. 30.

Uh, boss? Question over here.

You’re doing special DUI checkpoints for the holidays, and you’re ending them on Decemer 30. Really.

Ever hear of New Year’s Eve? Biggest night of the year for drinking and driving?

Maybe they’re gonna have Jim Deeghan on duty that night.  

2 thoughts on “It’s like running a 100-meter dash and stopping at 99

  1. That’s what a former boss called New Year’s Eve – when all the amateur drinkers wobble their way home from festivities, instead of recognizing their own impairment, and either staying over wherever they celebrate, or getting a safe ride home.

  2. I made a couple of similar mistakes in a diary (above); so I can well imagine that what they meant to write was:

    “…from Dec 16 to December 31.”

    Or, better still:

    “…from Dec. 16 through December 31.

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