Buying into the Dip

Suppose the US Congress were trading on the stock exchange and you followed the old saying that advises “buy on the dips”? Well then you would likely buy congressional stock because it can’t get much lower. But keep in mind that an upswing might be a long way off and past performance is no guarantee of future appreciation. Congressional job performance approval, according to a recent poll is just 9 percent. The poll of 1,000 people nationwide had a margin of error of 3.5 percent. 

That means Congress’ approval rating could be as high[!] as 12.5 percent or as low as 5.5 percent

 And while Congress struggles with a low and falling approval rating, a different pollster shows President Obama’s approval is on the move up.

Obama’s approval rating stands at 57 percent, the highest since May 2011, […] up 5 percentage points from before the election. And 42 percent [of poll respondents] say the country is on the right track, up from 35 percent in January 2009.

 This poll also indicates:

…overall, the public gives Democrats the advantage on handling the economy, 45 percent saying they trust the president’s party to do a better job on it, 39 percent favoring Republicans

But now there are reports that Democrats might take their advantage and consider Medicare and other entitlement cuts. With polls showing that large margins(70-25 percent) of voters oppose cutting Medicare, odds are the Democrats' stock might tank too.

5 thoughts on “Buying into the Dip

  1. … but they’ll win the approval of the DC chattering class, and that’s the important thing. A word of praise from Joe Scarborough is worth ten points in the Gallup.

    Completely off topic, have you ever been to Donut Dip? Just off I-91 in Springfield, Mass. Tasty stuff. Mmmmm.  

  2. The Democrats sold control of the party to the GOP during the Iran-Contra scandal.  Democrats HAVE to cut Medicare and SS because the GOP has ordered them to.  The proof of this is that while there are huge numbers of people opposing cutting Medicare or SS, the Dems are eager to do so anyway.

    Easy way to spot Dems that are owned by the GOP?  What is their position on SS and Medicare cuts?

    The only measurable difference between Demicans and Republicrats is how quickly they are turning the USA into a totalitarian third-world police state.

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