Mike McCarthy wins… again

Congratulations to St. Albans Democrat Mike McCarthy, known in these precincts as “azvox,” for being confirmed as the winner in his race for the State House.

The election day result was McCarthy 1419, Republican Casey Toof 1,399. Toof understandably sought a recount.

According to Nancy Remsen at vt.Buzz, the recount was held today and confirmed Toof’s total while reducing McCarthy’s by five… which means McCarthy is indeed the winner. Coffee and pastries all around!

Tomorrow, the other Franklin County recount begins: Democrat Don Collins vs. Republican Dustin Degree. The double-D asked for a recount after coming up short by 26 votes on election night. That count might take more than one day, with results expected Saturday or Monday.  

5 thoughts on “Mike McCarthy wins… again

  1. it still may not be settled, once and for all.

    Apparently there was a discrepancy in the vote count.  350 ballots were issued in the Town for the Franklin 3-1 race, but a total of 366 ballots were cast.

    In the Town of St. Albans, some voters who requested replacement ballots for ones they had spoiled apparently may have gone to the wrong table to pick-up those ballots (the table for Franklin 3-2 voters), and been given ballots for the 3-2 race.

    This was the first election in which there were two separate races in the Town, as some of the Town voted with the City for their two reps.

    Anyway, it is apparently up to Casey Toof (the ostensible loser) to decide whether or not a new election should be called.  Toof says he has not made a decision yet; but bear in mind that he waited until almost the last minute to ask for the recount.

    Stay tuned.

  2. There does appear to be some discrepancy, so Casey may ask a judge to call for a revote. It’s not automatic upon his request.

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