Some “comments” you might want to read

A lot of GMD readers never read the Comments below each diary. And sometimes the Comments do emit more heat than light. (Although I will say that the tone of GMD discussions is a whole lot more substantive and civil than what can be found on a lot of mainstream media sites.)

But if you don’t usually read the comments, you should make an exception for my most recent “Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down” diary, because there’s quite a remarkable give-and-take between State Auditor-Elect Doug Hoffer and Benjy Adler, co-owner of The Skinny Pancake. The subject is Burlington’s livable wage ordinance and SP’s new contract with the Burlington airport.

Scroll down past my natterings; the discussion starts with the second comment and continues from there. Both men state their cases firmly but with respect. It gets quite detailed, but if you want to understand where SP and its critics are coming from, it’s necessary reading.  

One thought on “Some “comments” you might want to read

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