America’s smallest Wal-Mart set to grow like a cancer

(Another cloud to hover ominously over the holiday table.   – promoted by Sue Prent)

Lost in all the St. Albans hoopla is that the Berlin Mall’s largest anchor tenant is about to metastasize.

…the 65,000-square-foot store is the discount retailer’s smallest in the country. The addition of more than 90,000 square feet will include an expansion into the Berlin Mall, as well as adding on to the current building. The town approved the extension but is waiting to issue a zoning permit until it receives traffic drawings.

5 thoughts on “America’s smallest Wal-Mart set to grow like a cancer

  1. I am the lawyer who represents Berlin Mall, LLC, and am the one who is handling the land use permitting for the Wal-Mart expansion.  This story is inaccurate.  The existing Wal-Mart store is 67,260 square feet and will be expanding to 93,539 square feet.  That is an expansion of 26,279, not 90,000, square feet.  The expansion area includes 7,500 square feet of existing space within the mall.  Only 18,700 square feet of new space is being added to the mall.  Charles Storrow    

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