Yup, Lenore Broughton hit seven figures

Today was the deadline for campaign finance reports in Vermont. I’ve been out all day and haven’t had a chance to pore over the reports, but I couldn’t resist taking a quick peek at Vermonter(s) First, the conservative Super PAC almost entirely funded by camera-shy heiress Lenore Broughton.

Drum roll, please…

Her cash donations to Vermonter First for the entire campaign season: $1,002,500.

Say it like Dr. Evil: One MEEEEEELLLyun dollars!

In the past month, VF got three donations totaling $650 from individuals not named “Lenore Broughton,” plus a hearty $2,500 from the Virginia-based National Right to Work Committee. But basically, all the money was Lenore’s.

VF reported total expenditures of $952,435.92, so there’s still fifty grand or so left in the kitty.

Our congratulations to Lenore Broughton for squandering a million dollars and getting absolutely Jack Squat in terms of election victories. So does Tayt Brooks still have a job?

4 thoughts on “Yup, Lenore Broughton hit seven figures

  1. The campaign consultant GOP con.  Get lots of money from marks.  Pocket a lot of it.  Waste most of it.  Lenore is the Sheldon Adelson of VT.  Except, we’ve seen Sheldon in all his glory.  Lenore doesn’t want to be held up to public scrutiny.  And, maybe, just maybe, her unlimited checking account could buy her something electoral.  We need reform of financing of elections.  Public financing.  Until then, people like Ms. Broughton need to be held up to public scrutiny and public accountability.   No more hiding.  

  2. There is the possibility that the recent activities of the Flasher are part of the new pro-active and grassroots campaign by the Vt. Republican Party to reach more voters.  Is he being funded by Vermonters First?  Will Vermonters First soon be sending out lurid mailings?  

    We have to work on legalizing recreational pot here.  Colorado (Denver) is getting attention from UFOs.  But here, we have a flasher.  If we can get recreational pot approved and signed into law by April, 2013, the 2014 elections will take a significant spin.  Because, you can buy a lot of pot with a million dollars.

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