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(A worthy cause, although most of these wingnuts carry around a copy of the Constitution. (As a talisman.) – promoted by jvwalt)

In response to all the petitions to Obama to let states secede, I've started my own. Please sign it and spread the word!  It's probably the most important thing you can do until 2014…


PS–A little more musing on secession here.

4 thoughts on “Sign My Petition

  1. Republican’s bibles have all the parts where Jesus speaks edited out of them, so conservatives don’t have to be challenged on how every tenet of conservatism is 100% opposite of Christ’s message.

    So, too, Conservative’s copies of the US Constitution has parts redacted, or terms redefined, to make the Constitution say the opposite of what the Founders intended.  In Exemplum: Promote the General Welfare, doesn’t mean promote the general welfare of citizens, only corporations.

  2. There’re 80+ signators so it doesn’t show on the White House website yet.

    Of course, the petition was initiated by a New Yorker and the vast majority of the signators are from out of state but, hey, they’re not really about sovereignty, are they?

    Unless they’re all using pseudonyms (ahem), the usual secesher suspects haven’t signed on yet.  Details here.

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