Just Read the Daily News and swear by every word

At least for a day or so a blizzard of articles exploring the demographic dilemma faced by the Republican Party has been running second to the larger blizzard about the “fiscal cliff”. A couple days before the election and ahead of the curve Senator Lindsey Graham said if Romney were to lose, only demographics would explain the loss. A former top Bush official put it more colorfully

We’re in a demographic boa constrictor and it gets tighter every single election.”.

By the final days of the election even some news outlets began to comment of the fact that Romney crowds tended to be overwhelmingly white and older by comparison to the mixed age and race crowds at Obama rallies.  

Interestingly the same constricting demographic squeezing the Republican Party is, according to news industry analyst Kevin Doctor is also squeezing the newspaper industry.

When it comes to audience, the American newspaper industry looks a lot like the Republican Party. Consequently, its business reversals parallel the deepening Republican national electoral woes.

[…]The print audience — the audience that still responsible for 80 percent or more of almost all newspaper companies’ revenue — strongly parallels the Romney vote in almost every category: age, ethnicity, and gender. Older, White, and male.

Wonder  who might adjust to the new demographic realities more quickly, the newspaper industry or the Republican’s Grand Old Party. My money is on the one that carries the funny papers.  

5 thoughts on “Just Read the Daily News and swear by every word

  1. So long as there is money to be made in the GOP by pandering to every whacky-but-rich conservative screwball who is willing to slip in an oar, the GOP will trundle blindly backward, at their command.

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