Yes, that was a victory speech

Doug Hoffer is indeed our next Auditor. What a change from Tom Salmon!

On the statewide ticket, this puts a bow on a near-sweep for the Dems: Governor Shumlin, AG Bill Sorrell, Treasurer Beth Pearce, Auditor Doug Hoffer (!!!!!), and of course, Secretary of State Jim Condos.

Phil Scott is the only Republican to win statewide office.

A lot of stuff remains outstanding in the Legislature, but it appears certain that the Republicans will not gain much ground and may lose a bit.

Overall, a huge night for the Dems, and a really really bad night for the VTGOP and especially for Lenore Broughton, who spent somewhere close to a million bucks and got basically NOTHING to show for it.

Example: This isn’t entirely apples to apples, but Wendy Wilton is getting 40% of the vote with all those Broughton Bucks behind her. Randy Brock got 37%. So Broughton’s big investment, you could say, netted her 3% of the vote in the Treasurer’s race.  

4 thoughts on “Yes, that was a victory speech

  1. Heading home. The ballroom is being torn down, and I could use a little rest.

    Not that I’ll be able to sleep much. Damn, what a good night to be a liberal. There’ve been so many of the other kind in the last 40 years.  

  2. I was pleasantly surprised by Doug’s showing.

    Dude, nothing on you, but I was so worried about the editorials and lack of party support and the usual trend toward the chummy chummy, that I feared another travesty of electoral justice.  And somehow you pulled it off.  And we will be so much better for it.

    Thanks for sticking your neck out again, Doug, and sticking through all the BS of an election.  This is probably the best result of the night.

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