The Attorney General race

I spent most of the day in Montpelier at the polls, and there were Sorrell supporters there all day, right to when we closed the polls. There was definitely a lot of enthusiasm there (even conceding that they are lawyers who work for Sorrell).

What is interesting, though, is that Ed Stanak finished pretty weakly. I know a number of people who supported TJ who were not willing to vote for Sorrell. If this had been a significant fraction we would have seen a stronger result for Stanak.

The result, with the strong showing for Sorrell and the weak showing for Stanak, shows that the party unity effort that TJ Donovan and the State Democratic Party mounted was effective to come out of a hotly, some would say bitterly, contested primary.

This is a very good prognostic indicator for TJ’s future.

One thought on “The Attorney General race

  1. did a very good job of presenting issues in the race for AG… I would not have been surprised if he had actually outpaced Jack, but I am easily duped I guess .   He addressed a lot of issues head first, dead on and you you could tell he did his homework.

    I doubt he would ever make the Ashe/Zuckermann jump to hybrid candidate, but he should take another stab at local office -specifically saying he should not fall into the rut Polina fell into with being enamored by statewide office for so many years.  

    Good job Ed.

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