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  1. Senate: Bernie 71%, MacGovern 25%

    Congress: Welch 72, Donka 24

    Governor: Shumlin 58, Brock 38

    Lt Gov: Scott 57, Gekas 40

    AG: Sorrell 58, McMullen 34, Stanak 5.44

    Auditor: Hoffer 51, Illuzzi 45

    Secretary of State: Need you ask?

    Treasurer: Pearce 52, Wilton 41, Schramm 4

    We don’t have any sense for where these returns come from; whether they might slant to the left. If not, lookin’ good for the whole Dem ticket except for Cass. Updates as events warrant.  

  2. Leads holding steady. With 38% of the vote counted, WCAX has only Phil Scott in the lead among Republicans. In the two closest races, Beth Pearce is ahead of Wendy Wilton 53-41, and Hoffer’s ahead of Illuzzi 52-45.

    Shap Smith just took the podium and said “The way it’s looking right now, we will hold our numbers [in the House] and may actually pick up a couple of seats.”

    Generally a lot of optimism from the podium; I think they’re beginning to show confidence in a near-sweep. Nobody’s willing to call it for Hoffer and Pearce, but the Dems are clearly happy with where they’re at now.  

  3. …results are basically in line with WCAX. With 31% reporting, all Dems but Scott in lead. Pearce up on Wilton 52-41. Hoffer leading Illuzzi 51-46.

  4. …still has Hoffer and Pearce holding their leads. Hoffer 52, Illuzzi 45; Pearce 53, Wilton 41.

    We don’t know where in VT these returns come from, so it’s possible they lean to the left. But obviously, the longer the leads hold steady, the better it looks for a big night.  

  5. Just got home from counting ballots.

    Peter Welch was actually the high vote getter here, with 3743.

    Obama 3676

    Romney 700

    Sanders 3740

    MacGovern 573

    Shumlin 3329

    Brock 922

    Gekas 2082

    Scott 2237

    Pearce 3275

    Wilton 808

    Hoffer 2900

    Illuzzi 1259

  6. Gov. Shumlin just gave his victory speech, introduced by his daughters Olivia and Becca. He expressed gratitude for the “overwhelming” mandate delivered tonight. He was the first of the speakers so far tonight who actually mentioned his opponent by name — thanking Randy Brock for his service as Auditor and State Senator.

    He promised to move forward on renewable energy and growing good-paying jobs, and said “Do not doubt my resolve to deliver” the nation’s first single-payer health care system. And he closed by saying, “We gotta get back to work. We start first thing tomorrow morning.”

  7. WCAX has 53% of the vote counted. Hoffer leads Illuzzi 51-46, and Pearce leads Wilton by 52-41.

    We don’t know if the returns are a representative sample, but the totals continue to grow and the margins continue to hold remarkably steady. There’s a lot of happy people in this room.  

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