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  1. …Elections Division results with one-third of the precincts reporting: Right now, it’s Snelling, Lyons, Ashe, Fox, Zuckerman, and Baruth. Snelling 12.88%, Baruth 10.25%.

    Seventh place, in the race for six seats, is Dem Debbie Ingram with 8.64%.  

  2. …Elections Division results, 10 of 15 precincts in. McAllister 25, Degree 22, Collins 21.75, and Bright 20.88. So the two Republicans have narrow leads so far.  

  3. …Elections Division returns, 1/2 of precincts counted: the two incumbents, Dem Jane Kitchel and Repub Joe Benning have solid leads. Kitchen 34, Benning 27, Republican David Dill 20, Dem Stephen Amos 19.  

  4. Three seats. Dems have comfortable leads with 1/3 of precincts counted. Campbell, McCormack and Nitka all over 21 percnet, and the top Republican has only 13 percent.  

  5. Talking with us reporters a while ago, he noted that “Lenore’s losing big” in her effort to buy elections through Vermonter(s) First. “That’s the difference between Republicans and Democrats: they carpet-bomb from 30,000 feet, and we work at the grass-roots level.”

    A bit earlier, speaking from the podium, Condos promised to “work with the Legislature to improve disclosure regulations so we know where the money is coming from and we know where it’s being spent.”

    Hopefully Condos and VPIRG can get this ball rolling. IMO, election law reform was one of the big failures of this year’s Legislature.  

  6. Elections Division, 21 of 36 precincts in. Incumbent Dem Starr 31%, Dem John Rodgers 27.039%, Republican Robert Lewis 27.009%, and Repubilcan Jay Dudley 15%.

    Top two will win.

    Rodgers and Lewis are separated by FOUR votes out of 13,440 cast. Whew!

  7. So far Cass Gekas is running ahead of Jack “the asterisk” aka “the mustache” McMullen by almost 10,000 votes

  8. With 58% of the vote counted, unofficially, Doug Hoffer and Beth Pearce still holding steady.

    Hoffer 51, Illuzzi 45.5, Levy 3.5.

    Pearce 52.4, Wilton 41, Schramm 4.

    Also, it’s looking like Bill Sorrell will have no trouble getting an absolute majority. Right now he’s got 58% to McMullen’s 34. Ed Stanak has 5.28%.  

  9. I was wondering if Diane Snelling would hang on, but she’s looking pretty strong.

    Still, the addition of Dave Zuckerman strengthens the younger, more activist wing of the Democratic caucus in the Senate.

  10. The Elections Division is reporting 55% of all precincts. (The Elections Division trails WCAX because Channel 3 has a well-developed network of volunteers who camp out at every precinct and get the results as soon as they’re released. The Elections Division waits for the local clerks to report. So WCAX is faster, if less official.

    And there’s no way to tell how much overlap there is in the two counts.

    Latest Elections Division total is closer than WCAX’s in the two closest statewide races. Auditor: Hoffer 50, Illuzzi 47. Treasurer: Pearce 51, Wilton 42.  

  11. And Hoffer and Pearce are still holding steady. Hoffer 51, Illuzzi 46. Pearce 52, Wilton 41.

    As I said earlier, the Elections Division count has both races closer, but Hoffer and Pearce holding good-sized leads.  

  12. Now reporting 82% of precincts. Hoffer 51.66%, Illuzzi 44.88%.

    Pearce 52.7%, Wilton 40.3%.

    Leads for Hoffer and Pearce have been remarkably steady all evening, and there’s not much margin for Illuzzi or Wilton to catch up, even if the non-reporting precincts are conservative.

    And it looks to me like a lot of Chittenden County votes have yet to be counted.

    No sign of calling either race here at Dem HQ. Cass Gekas is giving her concession speech right now. We might get Beth sometime pretty soon, I’d guess.  

  13. Yes, Beth Pearce is still our Treasurer. She got a huge cheer from the audience.

    In the middle of Beth’s speech, the news came down that Obama had been re-elected, which got the biggest cheer of the night. Some folks in tears.

    After Beth’s speech, Doug Hoffer took the podium. Not entirely clear that it was a victory speech or just the last one of the night. (Official proceedings have wrapped up, still lots of people in the ballroom.) But he continues to hold his lead over Vince Illuzzi; with 85% of the vote reported on WCAX, Hoffer has 51.6% and Illuzzi 45%.  

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