Tayt Brooks, I.M.O.M., has his knickers in a knot

Oh, look what  you’ve gone and done, Vermont Democratic Party! You’ve bruised the delicate fee-fees of Tayt Brooks, International Man of Mystery, triggering a bad outbreak of Bunched Knicker Syndrome.

See, yesterday the VT Dems accused Vermonters First, the Lenore Broughton vanity project spearheaded by I.M.O.M., of violating campaign law by omitting one candidate’s name from their official list of candidates to be targeted by its latest mailer. It’s a technical violation, but a violation nonetheless, and playing “Gotcha” with the other side is part of the game.

Hey, Angry Jack Lindley and Wendy Wilton play “Gotcha” all the time – -and they don’t even have evidence of violations, just a bunch of “questions.”

Still, the Tayter didn’t take kindly to the Dems’ complaint. He was so upset that he actually sent a dispatch from his secret mountaintop lair. (Possibly by carrier pigeon.) A rare event for a guy who’s basically cut himself off from any unwanted communication, especially from journalists. And who, we believe, has adopted a clever disguise depicted in the Artist’s Rendering at right.

Mind you, he didn’t actually talk to any reporters. He issued a “statement,” reported by the Freeploid:

It is telling about the Democratic Supermajority that they spend so much time poring over filings and complaining about their opponents and no time defending their tax and spend record.

Well, actually, Tayt, the “Democratic Supermajority” (do they get to wear a cape?) is capable of walking and chewing gum at the same time. Or in this case, keeping a sharp eye on your shenanigans while also defending their record. Whereas you seem to have trouble preparing a mailer and keeping track of who’s mentioned in it. But here’s the kicker:

Vermonters First will not be bullied and distracted by the power of one party rule.

Oooooh, poor ol’ Tayt feels bullied. Probably suffering flashbacks to middle school days. The Dems not only filed a complaint, they also gave him a wedgie! Possibly even a wet willie!

Bad Democrats! Bad, bad, bad!

Hey, Tayt, here’s an idea. The Dems will stop “bullying” you by pointing out your missteps when YOU stop trying to bully the entire state through the sheer power of Lenore Broughton’s checkbook.  

6 thoughts on “Tayt Brooks, I.M.O.M., has his knickers in a knot

  1. show up with 17 of your friends to hand deliver a note to someone dumping millions of dollars into various campaigns, (with most of said cash going to outside of VT businesses) – BULLY!

    use the system that is in place, the system, you know, of various laws and such to file a complaint – BULLY!

    stand outside planned parenthood clutching some plastic beads and praying to your god while shouting insults and holding aloft graphic images while trying to take pictures of women meeting with their healthcare providers… no, no BULLYING here, these people are fighting for the soul of VT, we deem them SAINTS!

    no winning for those VT dems! guess they better find something else to do… than you know, do what political parties are supposed to do…

  2. “It takes one to know one.”

    The accusation of “bully” rises all too readily from Tayt Brooks, who appears, himself, to be a practiced master of the art.

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