Vermonters First Targeting Legislative Races with $39k in Mail

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I’m about to be Super Pac’d! Me, Mike McCarthy, running for a State Rep. seat. Was it the indignant letter to the editor I wrote criticizing Tayt Brooks and Vermonters First a few weeks ago, or is this just the new normal…?

Looks like me and 37 other candidates for the Vermont House and Senate are about to be mentioned according to a Notice of Mass Media Activities completed 10/18/12 and mailed to me at my campaign HQ (aka home) and signed by none other than Tayt Brooks.

Is it strange that I feel a sense of pride at being targeted by people who obviously have no freakin’ clue what campaigning in Vermont should be about?

Sad thing is the expenditure, dated 10/17/12, was made to Creative Direct out of Richmond, VA. If you want to voice your Super PAC disgust please email Tayt at . If you want to fight back, please join me in supporting the targets of these mail pieces.

John S. Rodgers

Stephen Amos

Jane Kitchel

Caroline Bright

Don Collins

Ann Cummings

Anthony Pollina

Amos Bell

Bob Irish

Cindy Weed

Claudette Sortino

Edward McGuire

Justin Marsh

Ken Fredette

Dave Potter

Timothy Cutler

Mike McCarthy

Peter Peltz

Bob South

Eldred French

Herb Russell

Jim Condon

Curt Taylor

Joan G. Lenes

John W. Malcolm

Kevin Christie

Kristy Kurt Spengler

Margaret “Peg” Andrews

Sarah Buxton

John H. Taylor

Susan Hatch Davis

Paul Poirier

Tess Taylor

Tim Jerman

Linda Waite-Simpson

Sherri Durgin-Campbell

Stephen Carr

4 thoughts on “Vermonters First Targeting Legislative Races with $39k in Mail

  1. Speaking of which, one of the biggest ways to help Susan is to offer to drive her while she door-knocks. In her district, she’s got a lot of territory to cover with a small population – so there aren’t a lot of people per mile. It’s really helpful if someone else drives, so she can focus on which houses to visit next, and prep the materials she needs while in transit. It makes her time much more productive.  

  2. I thought 3 mailings and a robo-call was ENOUGH in Franklin County for Tayt Brooks & Mrs. Broughton, and they were going to focus their laser beam on the Treasurer’s race.

    The real trouble with the candidates on this list is simply that you’re not Republicans.

    But you really are on a list of honor to not rate support from Mrs. Broughton. Some of her favorites on the national scene have been Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, Allen West and the ever-popular Paul Ryan. No love lost by her on “moderates”of any party. And now she supports Windy Wilton….

    Thank you for the info about Creative Direct of Richmond, VA.  Too bad Tayt can’t even “buy local” !  

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