Climate Change: Rep. Allen West follows Maine’s Lepage to Vermont

The Vermont Republican Party webpage prominently announces that Republican Congressman Allen “there are 78 to 81 Democrat party members of the communist party" West will be visiting Vermont August 5th to speak at a Waterbury Country Club.

If there were such a thing,the Vermont GOP’s political barometer would be falling off the headquarters wall …to the right. It is as if the troublesome headlines surrounding Maine Governor Lepage’s visit weren’t enough to destroy the carefully cultivated centrist facade Governor Jim Douglas used as his umbrella, now crazy talk headliner Republican Congressman Allen West will storm into the state to see what he can do. According to Seven Days VtGOP Party Chairman Jack Lindley said Allen West is

“one of the many up and coming Republican leaders, there's no question about it. He's part of the big Republican tent."

No question about it you can find more big Republican tent stuff like this remark:

"Well, you know what, it is about time that we end this Gestapo-like intimidation tactics that we see coming from Nancy Pelosi and also from the president as well,"

here at What West Said!

2 thoughts on “Climate Change: Rep. Allen West follows Maine’s Lepage to Vermont

  1. “He’s part of the big Republican tent.” translates to “he’s one of two African-American congressmen in the GOP. See? Really big tent.”

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