Racism from the Rutland County Republican Committee

(They deleted it. Sucks to be the Rutland County GOP.)   – promoted by kestrel9000)

Thanks to GMD regular NToddPritsky for cluing us in to this.

 I had never been to the Facebook page from the Rutland County Republicans before today, so I'm glad NTodd pointed out the kind of racist garbage they're posting. Here is their latest status update in its entirety:

Just wanted to let you know – today I received my 2012 Social Security Stimulus Package. It contained two tomato seeds, cornbread mix, a prayer rug, a machine to blow smoke up my butt, 2 discount coupons to KFC, an "Obama Hope & Change" bumper sticker, and a "Blame it on Bush" poster for the front yard.

The directions were in Spanish. Watch for yours soon.

Fortunately at least one Republican has objected to it.

Thanks for showing us your true colors, Republicans! 

UPDATE: Any sensible person, being called on something like this, would be apologetic or at least take it down. These guys are digging in, saying that this is the kind of comedy that is "based in reality". 

UPDATE 2 (from mataliandy):  

 The digging continues

Rutland County GOP digs the hole deeper on racist post

17 thoughts on “Racism from the Rutland County Republican Committee

  1. I have no idea who this fellow (or gal) is – however it certainly is not any of the good folks that I’ve met on my visits with the Rutland Republicans!

    Every group has outsiders looking for a place to fit in – Far Left, Far Right and just Far Out.  Is there Racism, Sexism, Xenophobia and the like within the Republican ranks – I guess, though I have not seen it! The Democrats, Independents, Socialist, Progressives and Communist all have there fair share of “misfits” as well. Everyone is entitle to their opinion – regardless of how it may offend others. My old boss was famous for saying “your thoughts are you own until you speak them!” – no truer words were ever spoken!

    The Left loves to take a broad brush and tint their opposition with the colorful paint of their most radical fringe. Today they need to do so more than ever, since they no longer see themselves holding the high ground (or in fact any ground at all) since their ideological positions have been thoroughly repudiated!

    This individual’s expression was certainly in bad taste and, more importantly, reflects a unhealthy mindset – we can only hope that the attention he (or she) has unfairly brought to us all may cause them to reflect on their expression (and who knows, maybe reconsider their viewpoint).

    Hopefully, we will see a more productive and informative discussion on the issues as we head towards Election Day!

    H. Brooke Paige

    Washington, Vermont

  2. “The Left loves to take a broad brush and tint their opposition with the colorful paint of their most radical fringe. ”

    This wasn’t a random person, but somebody who runs the County Committee’s social media presence.  And it was racist.  End of story.

  3. I’m guessing it was Rob Towle, the chair of the Rutland Republican Committee. I’ve asked for confirmation on Facebook, and I’ll update this with what I find out.

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  5. “The Left loves to take a broad brush and tint their opposition with the colorful paint of their most radical fringe. Today they need to do so more than ever, since they no longer see themselves holding the high ground (or in fact any ground at all) since their ideological positions have been thoroughly repudiated!”

    In what fantasy land has the Left’s “ideological positions” been repudiated?  It’s the GOP’s ideology that’s all wrong.  For example, the ‘tax cuts stimulate the economy’ lie has been proven 100% false.  If the GOP’s position was correct, President Bush would have left the US with a surplus and balanced budget, a lower debt load and a booming economy.  That the Republican ideology left us with a huge debt, crashing economy, and two profiteering wars is the ‘smoking gun’ that the GOP only creates total destruction.

    The Republican Party is now made up of only the radical fringe.  The TeaBircher’s reason for existing, “taxed Enough Already’ is based on the lie that taxes are too high, when in Reality, taxes are at their lowest point ever.

    Historically Obama is a moderate Republican (as was Clinton), he hates the Democratic Base and can barely stomach doing anything left-of-center. Even so, if the GOP hadn’t been sabotaging every attempt at fixing their life-threateneing mess, our economy would have been back on track now and we’d be paying down the debt – because Obama is a moderate Republican and not a far-right radical extremist Republican, like the rest of the GOP.

    The ACA (Obamacare) was originally a joke written by the Heritage Foundation in the late 1980s and was far too radically right to be taken seriously. But now that Obama has signed the radical-right’s health care ‘reform’ into law, the GOP is telling the (obviously disproven) lie that it’s Socialism That Will Destroy America!  

    Yes, there are a few moderate Republicans left, mostly in states like Vermont, where the GOP hasn’t gone around the radical extremist bend, like the TeaBirchers and ‘libertarians’ have.  But crazy Republicans are infecting this state, too.  Just look at who Randy Brock hangs out with!

    The racism on the Rutland County site is not an aberration, it is the norm.

  6. The stand-up thing would have been to post an apology or retraction.

    Which makes what they did what?

  7. …I’d like to hear somebody called out for racist “jokes” (or rape “jokes”) to say, “you know what, I was an asshole, and that was inappropriate, you’re right.  I apologize.”

    Just.  Once.

    Instead we got the the “you’re the real racists” and other canards.  I know the die-hards won’t change their minds, and even more reasonable Republicans like my friend Todd B who started the ball rolling with his condemnation will still vote for Brock for some reason, but I can’t help thinking this “post-racial” freedom they feel to be so blatant will only help their ultimate demise.

    Especially if they keep choosing the oligarchs:  


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