Lamentations (A Bedtime Story)

we used to have a cat we named Lamentations

he was a very sorry and very baaad little guy

who lived up to his name

now I read where candidates and ex-governors

and the very worst of the worst in our lives

have all these laments

well ‘bleep’ these assholes I say

look at what they’ve done to the country and the world

they should be doing their lamenting from prison cells

now Lamentations one night did not come home

we were in the country and something must have got him in the woods

an owl or a coyote or a fisher or whatever

we lamented for Lamentations and then

got another cat to keep the other three cats company

twenty-five years ago and I still remember him

I wish politicians and the worst of the worst

could just be put out at night in the woods to feed the critters

the coyotes and bears and catamounts get hungry donchaknow

I mean we wouldn’t be going out in the woods

and yelling ‘here, asshole, asshole, asshole’

we’d just say ‘well he was a baaad politician’

but it wouldn’t matter much I guess

because the worst of the worst are just like cats

there will always be more of them

Peter Buknatski

Montpelier, Vt.  

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