Picking nits in Burlington

Well, a few days ago I posted a diary about the Kurt Wright campaign slamming Miro Weinberger for seeking campaign cash from “Washington elites,” as opposed to soliciting only Vermont elites, which I guess is a purer form of filling the moneybags. (Weinberger netted $8,000 from a gathering of 70 “Washington elites,” many of whom had strong Vermont ties; that’s a decidedly non-elite average gift of $114.29.)

I pointed out the sheer hypocrisy of any Republican slamming an opponent on this subject, since the GOP is the Grand Champion of big-dollar, out-of-town fundraising.

So now, the Weinberger folks have felt compelled to strike back at Wright. And pardon me if I’m underwhelmed. The big scoop on Wright, per Andy Bromage on the Seven Days staff blog:

According to public campaign reports, Wright raised $850 from four out-of-state corporate political action committees for his 2010 campaign for state representative. He accepted $200 each from Pfizer PAC in New York City; Anheuser-Busch Co. PAC in Whitehouse Station, N.J.; and ENPAC (the corporate PAC for Vermont Yankee owner Entergy Corp.) in Jackson, Miss. He also accepted $250 from GlaxoSmith Kline PAC in Phoenix, Ariz.

The Weinberger campaign, which described its D.C. fundraiser as a gathering of Vermont “ex-pats” and family friends, dug up the same information and is now accusing Wright of hypocrisy.

Eight hundred and fifty dollars? Come on, Eileen. That’s a drop in anybody’s bucket. Does Weinberger really think this will help him win the mayoralty, when (non-felonious) fundraising brouhahas never seem to make any difference with the electorate?

(Now, on the theory that you should never let an attack go without a response, here’s how I would have addressed Wright’s original accusation: “We fought a tough five-way primary for the party’s nomination. We face an opponent with deep pockets and the support of some very wealthy people. So as part of our campaign effort, we reached out to fellow Vermonters and friends who happen to be living in Washington.” And leave it at that.)

Wright continued the pointless exercise by positing a difference between running for Mayor and running for the Legislature — outside money is okay for the latter but not for the former — and that’s absolute nonsense and he should stop it.

This whole thing was minuscule to begin with, and it just keeps getting smaller and smaller. It doesn’t help either man. They would be better served — and would look more like the kind of leader Burlington needs — by simply dropping the matter and getting back to the issues. If anybody is gaining anything from this, it’s Wanda Hines.

3 thoughts on “Picking nits in Burlington

  1. The more that Miro and Kurt go tit for tat, the more grown-up and the more mayoral Wanda Hines becomes.  Go Wanda Go!!

  2. by this election at all.

    kurt voted with kiss something like 99% of the time. and he was involved in the BT stuff behind the scenes as councilor. he’s got the law and order vote in the police endorsement – but i’d like to ask him if he ever plans to honor the no idling law when he takes his time shopping in the ace hardware, or if he plans on leashing his dog when walking in our local parks. (although, he does always get that ‘who me’ look on his face when he runs over to leash up when folks come around the corner…)

    miro didn’t impress when i met him, and shooting back on this is just dumbass. my dad is stronger than your dad, your sister is gross bullshit. he should have kept it positive and just blasted wright for not having connections connections outside of his ward. miro should also be wondering aloud what kind of democrat is running wright’s campaign. post pastisanship my @ss.

    i don’t think wanda hines has a chance, and i don’t really know that she has the stuff the city needs right now. i’d fear city council having a field day with her in office.

  3. have you read any of Kurt’s material?  what a bag of crap!  helped, joined with, etc etc.  

    IN HIS ENTIRE TIME IN MONTPELIER, has he introduced ONE bill? NOT signed onto someone else’s work but ONE initiative on his own?  OK OK, aside from screwing with the teachers?

    Frankly, most of the cops don’t even live in the city so aside from some money I suspect their endorsement is worth?  Fire Dept – who knows

    I simply want to see the resume of each candidate.   And I want to know if Kurt has had a job-a real job- since his days as a 7/11 shelf stocker.   Does this city have something against electing a smart guy to office?  Kurt would be like electing someone from the Andy of Mayberry show.  

    Sorry to seem hard and all, but the guy went to bat for the ball field, used his political soapbox, and then took a job with Pecor selling advertising for the team…   PAYOFF?  Inappropriate??   stupid?

    Wanda is a sweet woman and has done some good work.  But she has no platform and most of her debate rhetoric is “I am concerned with that” stuff.  This is NOT a serious candidate.  But she will throw the race and you can bet Kurt will give her a job as a reward.

    I read that she had a letter saying she was not violating the Hatch act, I think she should publish it AND provide the materials that she submitted for the determination.    

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