Democratic Party Maneuvering and Republican Candidates Considering

I’m sorry, I’ve been failing you all. No hubbub, no gossip, no nuthin-along-those-lines from me for ages now. That GMD readers had to be surprised by the turnover of the VDP leadership? Oh, the humanity!

So I’ll try to re-engage. Lessee here, what’ve I got…

Well in Democratical land, some quick background on the latest move that is the culmination of months of groundwork laid by outgoing Chair Bevans. First, incoming Chair Perkinson was placed in charge of the VDP Finance Committee (contrary to bylaws mandate that the job be held by the Treasurer). Then, based on his work in Finance, Bevans promoted his run for Vice Chair. Before she let out word of her resignation, she urged Dottie Deans to be ready to run for Vice Chair, and thus were the wheels greased for an orderly transition bringing the Chair back to the Chittenden County power circle (where VDP insiders prefer it to reside), backed up by a Vice Chair from outside the area with connections to donors.

Sound sleazy? It’s really not. A little tacky, maybe, but you have to understand what the Democratic Party “incorporated” exists to do. It is not an advocacy organization, like the Progressive Party tends to act as – rather it’s simply the organizational infrastructure tasked with supporting the incumbent Governor (primarily), as well as other elected Democrats. To do that efficiently and effectively means as little turmoil in transition as possible – thus the motivation to slide things through quickly (and the inevitable hand of Governor Shumlin behind this transition). The last time the-powers-that-be lost control of the process, they ended up with a usurper from Orleans County slipping past them into the Chair: Judy Bevans. When Paul Millman was courted to run against Bevans, many on the State Committee rallied behind Bevans and the challenge was dropped. With an incumbent Democratic Governor, pressure is even stronger to exert a tighter control against those in the State Committee who might like to see the Democratic Party become more of an advocacy organization than a re-election machine.

So yeah – ironically, this means that Judy Bevans has made sure there won’t be another Judy Bevans slipping into the position behind her. Did they have any reason to believe there might be? Well, there was a scary left wing blogger who made some threatening noises about it (but really, how could I bear to leave all you guys?).

How about them Republicanses? Well, the rumors that have been flying for months that Brian Dubie may be looking for a rematch with Governor Shumlin keep intensifying. Insiders suggest he’s “strongly” considering a bid. Word is he took the 2010 loss pretty hard.

Dubie Mark II would be different, however. No crazy out-of-state GOP slash-and-burn hack running his campaign this time. Instead, a Dubie rematch would be staffed by Vermonters.

As far as other names being tossed around, Randy Brock is definitely out, but our pal Tom Salmon Jr. is strongly considering a Gov run (one wonders if he thinks he can run for Governor by running against Sen Sanders?). Also, Len Britton’s name is circulating through the rumor mill, but the Rs would obviously be disinclined to coalesce behind him.

6 thoughts on “Democratic Party Maneuvering and Republican Candidates Considering

  1. To see how the party is communicating Judy’s resignation outside of email.

    The story is not there. Nor is it on the twitter stream, the blog, or facebook. Nor have they updated the Chair’s page on the site.

    This is all the kind of stuff you’re supposed to pre-plan so when the email launches, you can launch all the other stuff and have places for the press and others to find info.

    It’s the first time I’ve been to the site since the latest update to the header graphic. The wobbling text somehow seems fitting…

  2. A cigar is just a cigar and not a plot to deprive John Odum of his rightful place in the political scheme of things. Then again, maybe his rightful place is right here as GMD’s Daddy.


    I’m not a member of any organized political party, I’m a Democrat! ~ Will Rogers (1879-1935)

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