Vermont’s Lark Bunting, Dick Mazza

In a five year study of the Lark Bunting,  scientists found the birds seemed to select companions for varying traits from year to year. One year they found selections were based on beak size, and the next year this choice was based on plumage. Following years it was smaller body size and the next year the trend might be reversed. Researchers also think this behavior might be found in other species.

Mazza a middle of the road state Senator from Colchester is displaying some of the distinctive traits of the female Lark Bunting, but all in one election year! In September, he let it be known he didn’t expect to weigh in for one gubernatorial candidate or the other.  Eventually, but with no commitment made, he took to displaying a little Shumlin plumage on his lawn in the form of a yard sign.

Now the Free Press observes his behavior takes another turn after a courting visit to Mazza’s General Store:

Mazza agrees to let Dubie plant his own sign in the yard.

While Dubie is outside doing that, back inside the store Mazza says he’ll be supporting Shumlin.

The following field observation might have been made from afar with binoculars.

Dubie heads to the back of the store, where Mazza is in his office. After they chat about the need to extend the Amtrak rail line from St. Albans to Montreal, Mazza gets firm with Dubie about the tone of the governor’s race.

Back in the minivan, asked what he thinks of Mazza’s support for Shumlin, Dubie says, “I’m glad he said I could put a sign out.”


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  1. I think a number of individuals and entities have been busy trying to hedge their bets this year…none more so than the Freeps!

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