VSP wants 260 Tasers

After what they describe as a successful test period the Vermont State Police want Tasers, two hundred and sixty of them at a “range” of about one thousand dollars a piece,which would come from the state.  

Vermont State Police Captain Robert Evans said “It has been a successful testing and evaluation period, and we’re now looking at purchasing Tasers for all of our uniformed troopers at the rank of lieutenant and below,”

The study commission talks about a successful test period but the Times Argus forgets and fails to mention a $40,000 dollar pay-out in 2009 made quietly the day after Thanksgiving as a result of State Police Taser misuse incident from 2006.

Recently some towns and cites have had Taser related incidents.  

Evans noted there will be a significant amount of training and education for both the public and police officers if the Tasers are funded.

I hope they provide specific details and define what significant training and education the public needs.

But for now always remain compliant,obey all commands speedily and make certain to avoid being Tasered in the chest, face or neck: we note that the Taser Company issued a training bulletin warning that 50,000 volt Tasering could cause an “adverse cardiac event” when the target person is shot in the chest. Avoiding the chest, face and neck is now strongly advised. Suggested shot placements currently include back, abdomen and thighs.

4 thoughts on “VSP wants 260 Tasers

  1. Vt. is having some kind of a ‘crime wave’ going on, but these weapons have been used mostly, as you mentioned above, unnecessarily.  To totally arm our State Police with them is an effort aimed at ‘citizen control/citizen intimidation’ rather than a real crime stopper.  Tasers are used on unruly people, and their use seems to have a history of making up the new rules for the unruly as you go along.  It’s deadly force for power and control–just a different kind of gun.  And one aimed at our Civil Rights rather than crime.  

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