1000 Vermonters for Change: Release the Pledges!

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The recount is done and Peter Shumlin is officially our nominee! Let’s get those $100 pledges in as soon as we can and do our part to give a cash-depleted campaign a netroots/grassroots booster shot to beat Brian Dubie in November.

Here’s the link:


(If you have trouble with that link, you can go to the main campaign site at http://www.shumlinforgovernor…. and click on the red DONATE menu option)

…and thanks to everyone for pledging, spreading the word, and keeping up your commitment and enthusiasm while the recount process progressed, whichever candidate you supported during the primary.


10 thoughts on “1000 Vermonters for Change: Release the Pledges!

  1. Not my first choice candidate, but I can certainly live with the recount result affirming his win. And I keep my promises, therefore the $100 goes to Sen. Shumlin for his campaign to recapture the governor’s office for the Democrats.


    A thinking man can never be a party man. ~ Friedrich Nietzsche

  2. Pledge fulfilled!

    Good to see Steve Howard again today at Old Home Day in Norwich, and to meet Jim Condos. Margaret Cheney and Peter Welch dropped by too. It’s definitely campaign season here in VT!

    I’d be happy to accompany any candidate at the Norwich dump any Saturday between now and election day.


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