Dubie dines with men who stare at dictators

Redistricting looms in 2012, and the Republicans are going full tilt to elect as many governors as possible. Propagandist Rupert Murdoch just gave one of the biggest single contributions ever to the Republican Governors Association. Thursday The RGA released its first TV ad supporting Dubie, narrated by none other than Jim Douglas (do you suppose words come out of Dubie’s mouth?).

Hardly Pure Vermont politics

This strategy of outside advertising dollar support may be what led to Brian Dubie’s dinner date with some heavy hitters two weeks ago. Or maybe it was purely a social event. Regardless, candidate Dubie is running with a fast crowd these days.

Brian Dubie was one of 15-20 dinner guests along with former President George W. Bush at Topridge, a 207-acre Adirondack “camp”. One of the big questions on the Times-Argus’ mind was if the Lt. Gov. asked Bush to visit Vermont !

The historic camp features buildings inspired by Russian architecture, complete with onion domes.  The host at Topridge was Harlan Crow, a wealthy (actually, very wealthy) and by Vermont standards, very conservative Dallas, Texas business man.

Lt. Gov. Brian Dubie, the only Republican running to replace Gov. James Douglas, was a guest at a dinner for a very select group of visitors to upstate New York about two weeks ago.

Among the 15 or 20 people at the dinner were former President George Bush and former First Lady Laura Bush, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and Harlan Crow.

The Dallas real estate magnate Crow is also a trustee of the George Herbert Walker Bush Presidential Library and of the American Enterprise Institute and a founding member of Grover Norquist’s Club for Growth. He also is reported to have provided funding for the infamous Swiftboat Veterans for Truth.

In addition to funding conservative politics, Dubie’s dinner host Harlan Crow has another interesting pastime, collecting statues of dictators and fallen despots.

Nearly 20 statues of leaders and heroes of authoritarian regimes occupy the rolling private garden of Harlan R. Crow, a Dallas real estate investor. Heavyweights like Stalin, Mao and Lenin stand among lesser-knowns like Klement Gottwald, the first Communist president of Czechoslovakia.


5 thoughts on “Dubie dines with men who stare at dictators

  1. what those two “tough as nails” fighter jocks talked about – maybe how Bush protected Texas airspace from the VC, and how the Doobster would have shot down a MIG if’n he coulda got his plane off the damn runway?

    Or maybe they just talked about how scared to death they are about talking to the people of Vermont?

  2. With several years of experience showing us the empty chair or vacant mic, it is going to be pretty interesting when the 30 second spots and the half hour WCAX special profile of Dubie hit the TV.  Really,  name 5 things he has his name on that will even rouse his R supporters except for walking behind Jim=noJobs and picking up the rather large poops he has been leaving around the statehouse for the last almost decade?  

    OK OK,  I know, unfair…..  so, name three things…  OKOK 2 but that is the last offer.

    Grand prize is lower taxes for the people who can afford to pay them, and more bridges down to one lane and potholes on RT 2 for the remainder of the population.  

    Will Brian be taking a leave from his real job to be PTGOV if elected, or will he be keeping Plunderville around to continue to run government while he keeps the wings on his suit???  

    Jim at minimum made his life from sucking from the teet of government and had a record….   yikes

  3. We have been given gifts, like GW’s open relationship with Abdullah, and failed to put them to use.

    It’s time we used this one!

    We need to make this a leadership choice between those who suck up to foreign tyrants, and those who keep American values strong.

    We can choose to be led by servile christians who boast about faith, but serve Mammon and the devil’s interests, or, we can choose leaders who remember that Jesus said that it’s the peacemakers who are blessed, and that the meek shall inherit the earth.

    A choice between those who rush off to war at the bidding of others, and those who want to expose the unseen interests that conspire to lose the peace, and take our freedom and prosperity.

    We can use what they give us, or lose the opportunity, and the election.  

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