Jim Condos’ Experience is Needed in the Secretary of State’s Office

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On August 24th, Vermont voters will cast their ballots to determine each party’s nominees for the fall campaign. Most of the attention for the primary election is focused on the Governor’s race; however, voters deserve information about the race for every elected office.

The Office of Secretary of State is tasked with key responsibilities including overseeing elections and campaign finance regulation, lobbyist disclosure, maintaining the state archives, professional regulation, and corporate registration.

I am running to be Vermont’s next Secretary of State because I have the experience and knowledge to keep the office running smoothly and to make important improvements. My combined business and elected experience includes managing, policymaking, business operations, and service to Vermonters.  

I know how to get things done. I have worked for over 30 years in the business sector, along with over 20 years of elected local and state government experience. I have a strong working relationship with many Vermonters across the state.  

I served for 18 years on the South Burlington City Council, and 8 years as a Chittenden County Senator. This experience has given me first-hand knowledge of the needs and challenges facing our local communities. In the Senate, I chaired the Government Operations Committee, tasked with overseeing the Secretary of State’s office. This experience has given me the knowledge and ability to start working hard on my first day in office.

During my many years of elected service, I was an effective advocate on issues that are important to Vermonters, including ensuring open and transparent government, promoting accountability from public officials, improving our election process, and strengthening campaign finance laws. These are the key issues that I will prioritize as the next Secretary of State.

Another important priority will be overhauling the Secretary of State’s website. Deb Markowitz did a great job creating an online presence for the office, but we need to take it to the next level. I propose creating a “one stop shop”, web-oriented business registration to help our business community and entrepreneurs do what they do best – create jobs! Creating an easy, step-by -step online business registration process will be more efficient, and save time for Vermont’s business community.  

I will also work to create a searchable online database for campaign finance and lobbyist disclosure, including an online filing system for these reports. This will ensure Vermonters know who is contributing to their elected officials, and what these officials are spending their campaign funds on. This is a very important issue, and my office will treat it as such.

I will also work to implement the Public Records Commission’s recommendations fully. Since 2006, I have supported the position of a Public Records ombudsman to review denials of Vermonters’ public records requests, and I would strengthen the penalties for those who wrongly deny these requests.

Open government is good government.

I have a proven record of results and the experience necessary to make a difference. I hope I will earn your support for the Democratic nomination for Secretary of State on August 24th.

I am ready to be Vermont’s next Secretary of State.  

Jim Condos served on the South Burlington City Council and as a Vermont State Senator and is running for Secretary of State. He can be reached at jim@jimcondos.com or visit his website at www.jimcondos.com.

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  1. Waaaa waaaaa waaaaaa waaaaaaa waaaaaaa Jim Condos. Waaa waaaaa waaaaa waaaaaa waaaaaaa.

    Hey little chuckie, go be an independent and shut up.  

  2. Not exactly a well reasoned and mature pitch for your guy, bozo… Besides mocking Charlie, you got any intelligent reasons readers should support Jim instead?

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