A New Video to Help Tell My Story

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My passion for Vermont comes from our unique sense of community.

It was my home community that helped raise me when my father passed away and then elected me to the state House at age 22. All of my opportunities in life came from mentors and friends in this part of Vermont, and they are the ones that have given me the support to run for Governor.

Since it is the people of the community that know me best, we've asked them to share their stories about why they are supporting me as I run for Governor of Vermont.

Today we released a video, made by some volunteers, that shares my experience and history growing up in Hartland, through the words and stories of members of our community: local business people, former competitors, and life-long friends.


The community and the people from my past have played an enormous role in my life and have shared their stories with you through this video. Now, I'd be interested in hearing about your own stories. Who or what has played a role in shaping who you are and how has that affected the issues you care about or your involvement in Vermont? Leave your thoughts in the comments below or if you have your own story you'd like to share with the campaign, you can contact us and we can post your story on our supporters page.

I hope you enjoy learning a little bit more about my experiences and that you share this with your friends.

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