Barre Mayor lauzon … local prick and bully …

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Barre’s mayor lauzon is showing his true self once again. At the last city council meeting, the prick decided he could throw somebody else’ phone into a corner because the phone had the temerity to buzz during a meeting ((Fl)iPhone?, Barre/Montpelier Times Argus, 12/10/09).

To make matters worse, the prick had to prove he’s a bully too! Not only did he demonstrate absolute disregard for another’s personal property, but the prick did it to an employee of the city who is directly answerable to the mayor.

7 thoughts on “Barre Mayor lauzon … local prick and bully …

  1. I remember this same Lauzon jumping on the 4th of July pie-throwing Santa with two other guys. Completely unnecessary and over the top. Also illegal, by Vermont’s strict citizen’s arrest laws, but no matter. Blessed are the self-righteous, for they shall break the rules as they wish.

  2. …that someone hasn’t kicked Lauzons’s ass. I mean that without snark… people that behave the way he does eventually have their luck run out and piss off the wrong person.

  3. I don’t think Mayor Lauzon is all bad.  I think he truly has the interests of his community at heart.  Sometimes I’ll read about something positive or generous that he’s said or done, and I’ll think, “why did I ever think he was a jerk?” Then something like this comes along and I remember.  

  4. Yeah, I know, you’re right.  He will squeal when it is done to him.  And I knew that the right wing would do this to Obama.  For one, they still hate the idea that a black guy is president.  

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