Longest Day, Politics Edition

Sunday June 21 is the longest day of the year, the Solstice.

And it looks like it’s going to be a really long day for politicians and activists who like to keep up.

You could start the day at 1 pm at state Senator Ed Flanagan‘s brunch at the seventh-floor townhouse he shares with his spouse Eric Lustgarten in  the big, newish lake-view building at Main and Battery St. in Burlington. There’s no fundraising or political pitch in the invitation, but it is likely that Ed (the former bulldog Auditor) will announce that he is at least “exploring” a run for Lt. Governor.

Former Governor Phil Hoff and his wife Joan are hosting a fundraising do for Doug Racine at $250 and $500 per, though it’s actually at the home of Rep. Joan Lenes on Governor’s Lane in Shelburne.

Deb Markowitz has sent out invitations to her fundraiser happening the same day, reportedly featuring former Governor Madeleine Kunin and a bevy of other high-powered and well-heeled women, including foundation-connected Crea Lintilhac, who donated over $25k to various campaigns last year, and Billie Gosh, Vermont’s genetically double-X DNC delegate, and Burlington developer Melinda Moulton. [Update: Invitations are out, but the event, I’m now told, is WEDNESDAY the 24th from 5:30-7 pm]

A little lower down the political ticket is the annual Solstice gathering at Franklin County Senator Sara Kittell‘s home on the Chester Arthur Road in Fairfield. She and lawyer-husband Bill have hosted the potluck get-together for years. Kids, dogs, food, beer, wine, neighbors, friends, family, politicians and all start gathering around 5 pm and party into the dark, at the first sign of which, fireworks (of the backyard variety) appear. A fun time is had by all.

Green Mountain Boys’ and Girls’ States begin sessions this year on the Solstice and run through Friday. It’s a nonpartisan practice run for a select group of high school kids on civic involvement, including running for office (sponsored by the American Legion and the Legion Auxiliary). The boys are conferencing at Lyndon State College (Northeast Kingdom) and the girls are caucusing at Castleton State College. (In the far distant past in another state, I went to such a session, where I was the speechwriter and campaign manager for the successful Girls’ State gubernatorial candidate).

I’m sure there are more political events out there for the Longest Day. Please feel free to add the ones you know about.

Oh, yeah, can’t forget: It’s also Father’s Day. It may not be political for most of you, but don’t forget to thank him for being a mensch.

One thought on “Longest Day, Politics Edition

  1. BoyState was when I decided to get involved in politics. It was a fantastic experience for me and I met all the big heavy hitters and some of the smaller hitters too. This was when we were still in the Minority in the House and John Tracy was leading the charage. Jim Barnett was CHairman of the GOP and Elizabeth Ready was still hanging around.

    Funny how they’ve moved it to Lyndon State. When I attended, it was at Norwich.

    My parents told me it was a huge honor to be picked so I felt pretty lucky to go. Played a lot of lacrosse and soccer though.  

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