Church Street is safe once again–UPDATED


GMD learned from T.J. Donovan this afternoon that he has declined to prosecute the Pillow Bandit. This has since been confirmed on WCAX:

“There is no crime. Nobody was injured. It appears that all the participants were willing participants. No damage was done to any of the property, the businesses downtown. No pedestrian traffic was impeded. It lasted about 90 seconds. It was truly a pillow fight,”

Great decision, T.J.!


It appears that sanity reigns at the office of the Chittenden County State's Attorney.

 “As of right now I’m not overly concerned,” Chittenden County State’s Attorney T.J. Donovan said Monday afternoon, though he promised to review the disorderly conduct charge police are recommending he file against Cassler. “If it is as it sounds, and it was some sophomoric hijinks, and some kids were having a pillow fight, it sounds like it’s much to do about nothing.”

 We've been critical of T.J. Donovan in the past for his handling of antiwar protesters. Let's hope he stays on track here and declines to prosecute.

From pillow fighters, that is.

The short version: there was a flash mob on Church Street last Friday afternoon, the activity being a big pillow fight.

For the rest of the story, take a look at Blazing Indiscretions.

Or follow this link for video.

There's also a Stuck in Vermont video here.

For me, though, it's pretty hard to see why the organizer had to be arrested.

5 thoughts on “Church Street is safe once again–UPDATED

  1. But seriously…There must be another side to this story. Please tell me there is another side and the police were really just doing their job protecting the public. I mean it. There must be a reason they arrested the guy who was sharing good times with his neighbors. There must. Honestly, the police are rational community minded people with an ability to recognize fun when they see it. There has to be an explanation for the arrest. Seriously, there is one, right? They can’t just be dicks, can they?

  2. There’s been pillow fights in Brattleboro and no one got arrested. They even did it in a crowded parking lot on Gallery Walk night! Check it out.

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