Good GOD. This Governor…

Sometimes I’m just flabbergasted. Y’know, I’m not one of these folks who think that simply being a Republican is a sign of poor character. I know plenty of very decent people with beliefs I find abhorrent – they’re just misguided. You can tell through their words and deeds that there’s more to them then screwed-up perspectives or unfortunate Gramscian hegemony.

Which is why things like this just leave be babbling like an idiot. I just can’t believe it. I saw a roundabout reference in the comments in kestrel’s heartfelt post below. I got a bad feeling and went searching…

So anyway, I found this in the coverage:

“I want to respect their privacy, their wishes as to how to structure an opportunity for Vermonters to properly thank Capt. Phillips,” Douglas said Thursday at his weekly news conference in Montpelier. “But I also made it clear to them that there has to be some opportunity because so many people across this state are excited about having him as a fellow Vermonter. They’re so proud of what he accomplished and the example that he set.”

OMG! WTF? I just… what can you… I mean…. holy crap…

Is he just badly socialized? Is he really that self-centered? He “want(s) to respect their privacy” but only to the point that it doesn’t interfere with his own PR???? Vermonters of all people aren’t going to demand an opportunity for a photo-op public event if the family doesn’t want it. Who does he think he is to “make it clear” to this man and his family that they have to put on a publicity show whether they like it or not?

Just how – by any definition or understanding of the term – is that “respecting” this man and his family????

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  1. …how often we try to lay claim to things just by virtue of geography.  A man who happens to be a Vermonter is involved in a hostage/high seas drama, and suddenly, he’s ours.  NYC is attacked by planes and people in Idaho try to act as though its their tragedy.  

    This is yet one more example (and a particularly odious one) of it, but it’s all the worse coming from someone in a serious position of power.

  2. There’s this running story (several pages on-line) in the Free Press, but I think it was from 4/14:

    Also unknown is what sort of celebration awaits Richard Phillips when he arrives back in Vermont.

    “We’re awaiting word on the family on that,” said Dennise Casey, spokeswoman for Gov. Jim Douglas. “Mrs. Phillips was very clear that the family needs some room and privacy. The governor wants to assure her he respects that.”


    The governor could also show some respect in asking the local media to stop its frenzy, no?

  3. When I saw the news clip of the Governor saying essentially the same thing the other night, I felt queasy and struggled to articultate to my wife why.

    You’ve nailed it.

    By all accounts it appears that the Phillip’s family feels that “we’ve” had the opportunity and have properly thanked them enough. The Phillip’s family issued a public statement reminding us that although they are grateful for their family members safe return, there are other mariners still being held captive by pirates throughout the world. A ticker tape parade, replete with a baton twirling Governor at the front seems a bit disrespectful and unnecessary. That is, unless you’re the majorette who’s running a perpetual campaign, hoping to shamelessly capitalize on other peoples accomplishments in an effort to get re-elected.  

  4. the Phillips family has a lot of class. Their interest in privacy and distaste for manipulation and media circus represents VT perfectly. Gov Clueless ought to take notice.  

  5. Dear Governor,

    Captain Phillips volunteered to be held hostage by a bunch of pirates to protect his crew. He has more than earned the right to decide how to celebrate his freedom. You have not. So, please, do us all a favor, and get over yourself.

    We can thank the Captain in our hearts, and let him and his family enjoy their time together in peace. There is no better reward for his heroism than respecting his and his family’s wishes.


    The Entire Rest of the Population of Vermont

  6. Phillips has more guts and fortitude in his fingernail than that smarmy unctuous tub-of-goo governor of ours.  

  7. Phillips has more guts and fortitude in his fingernail than that smarmy unctuous tub-of-goo governor of ours has in his entire body AND those of his slimy PR organ-grinder monkeys put together.

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